We love Diane’s chicken

no, I won’t share my chicken Yeah….managed to steal her chicken, it’s mine for tonight Good night everyone….dreaming of chicken

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CAC Dachau 23/06/18

  Phil (Ch Philemon Paparazzi * 10/10/2007) 1st in Veteran Class Snoop (Natterjack Snoop Dogg) vp1 in Baby Class Louie…

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Partners in crime

Good morning…..Peanut and Snoop, best buddies and partners in crime❤️ C778E7A7-B713-4082-A1F4-23B86238384E

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First he was playing with a just groomed Peanut (Video) 152162E2-3887-45B5-8753-C2FF18FD6E49 later when it was his turn he fell asleep…

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Today would have been their birthday

Baghira and Casper Baghira (Ch Pahari Presenting Papageno 18/06/2001 – 04/09/2015); Casper (Ch Zotti Floppy Topolino 18/06/2004 – 13/08/2016)  

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