Trip to GB August 2018/4

It was just a short trip this time, but we spend a lovely weekend with Marian catching up with Debbie, Mumble, David and meeting friends. Weather was beautiful maybe just a tiny bit too warm, but why complain at least it wasn’t muddy . Traffic was horrible, on our way home got stuck in 16km holdup which cost us 2,5h…

The ferry trip in the early morning was smooth, topped by a lovely sunrise. Now back on mainland Europe, a funny noise in the back of the car, which I eard for the forst time last night, is giving me headaches. We’ll have to go to a garage…

The artwork in the top picture is the work of a very young but rather untalented brown British Beardie boy who should stic to talents which his name SNOOP DOGG promise….


vor 2 Jahren

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